Friday, September 20, 2013

How to Froth Almond Milk

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Yes, Virginia, there really is a way to
Froth Almond Milk! 

Once I learned that I would have to give up dairy, I went on a search to find other options that I could use because I am a huge cappuccino drinker.  I knew that I could use soy milk, but I wanted to find a healthier and better tasting option.  I started to search for ways to froth almond milk.  I tried frothing wands, but the bubbles were just too big, and the froth would break up before I could pour the almond milk in my cup.  I tried using a manual frother and it did produce a little froth, but was just too time consuming and again, the froth wouldn't last once I added it to my espresso. 
 My friend got a nespresso machine and told me that she was frothing almond milk.  Of course, I had to see it for myself, and I was amazed to see how well it worked and how tasty the cappuccino  was.  I had a bunch of coupons for Macy's, so I ran right over and picked up an Aeroccino.   I was excited to see how well it works to froth almond milk.
A Few Tips:
I have found that the brand of almond milk that works the best is Blue Diamond Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.  Now I have also tried with a few brands of organic unsweetened soy milk and it also worked great.  I found that it didn't work well with hemp milk, cashew milk or rice milk. 
I prefer to make my own almond milk, but unfortunately it does not work very well.  When the almond milk is freshly made, I blend it with dates and it becomes frothy in the blender.  If I put it in the aeroccino then, sometimes I can get a really nice froth.

How It Works
Pour your almond milk into the aeroccino and make sure it is exactly at the fill line.  If it is just above or just below that line, it may not work.  It sometimes even overflows a little because it froth's so much. 

You also need to make sure that your aeroccino is very dry, including the wand.  If there is any water inside the machine or wand, it also may not work. 
Do not add anything to your almond milk before frothing.  I tried adding stevia, dates and even protein powder first, but it did not froth as well. 
After about a minute, the magic happens and the almond milk turns into a creamy froth.  Please check out my you tube video showing you how I did it. 


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  1. I found this article since my almond milk hardly frothed at all :( It is homemade though, 100% almonds and water. Maybe there is an emulsifier or binding agent in the commercial almond milks that allow it to froth?

    1. Hi Laurel. I'm sorry I just saw this comment. I am able to get my homemade almond milk to froth now. I think I had the wrong amount of water and maybe that was making it too light. I do 1 cup of almonds that I soak overnight. The next morning I blend with only 4 cups of water. It works now. I do not add anything else at all either - just almonds and water. One tip is you can shake the almond milk a little in a ball jar before putting it in the frother. I do use a vitamix so I am not sure if that makes a difference since it's a high powered blender, I don't know. Keep trying and let me know if you get it to work!