Monday, September 23, 2013

Eating Gluten Free at the Freehold Mall

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 My son received a few gift cards for his birthday, so we went on a trip to the Lego Store.  I am so happy they put a Lego Store at the Freehold Mall.  We used to have to drive over an hour just to find one.
He made a quick video while looking for Mr. Gold in the Lego Store.

After the Lego Store, we went to the food court to eat lunch.  It can be very difficult for me navigating at a mall, especially being both gluten free and dairy free.  If there is a Wendy's, you can get 2 side salad's with their pomegranate dressing, which is both gluten and dairy free and delicious, but does have a good amount of sugar in it.  There are no croutons on the salad and no cheese, so ordering a couple of them makes a perfect meal.  Their chili is also gluten and dairy free, which is always another option.  I didn't want the extra sugar and wasn't in the mood for chili, so luckily I found an awesome salad place called Turkey and Salad Express that had a bunch of raw veggies and some nuts and seeds.  I ordered a salad with oil and vinegar and it was perfect! 

After lunch, we stopped by one of my favorite stores, Sur La Tab, to check out their prices on the Vitamix Machine, which I hope to be buying very soon ... 

I found an awesome product that I have not seen before.  Honey apple sparkling Sonoma cider vinegar by Olive Oil in California.  The combination of apple cider vinegar and honey tastes amazing and I can't wait to use this on salads.
My day at the Mall would not be complete without a stop at Starbucks ...
Grande Triple Soy Cappuccino with 1 pump Caramel ... yum!  Now if we could just get Starbucks to start using Almond Milk!!

My husband and Davey took a break
while I was waiting on the very LONG Starbucks line...

After the Mall, we stopped by the Christmas Tree Shop to get another shelf to finish up Davey's Lego organizing in his room.   There was a Spirit Halloween store next door, so we decided to look around.  We had fun looking at all the displays and fun costumes...


We had to stop at 1 more store to find some frames.  We are still working on our house since all the damage we had from Hurricane Sandy...

This was a fun day ending with my favorite new recipe, pineapple teriyaki zucchini pasta stir-fry (recipe coming soon), an awesome soccer game with my 2 favorite boys and Mandy and Davey working on building his new Lego... can't wait to introduce you guys to his new blog, coming soon!  

Look for Brick Jedi Master coming soon ...

My son's starting a new blog with product reviews, giveaways,
building Lego's and more... 

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