Plum On Park, Java Love, Brookdale Park, Montclair, NJ

We headed up to Montclair to visit my dad.  Since my dad wouldn’t be home after 12, we decided to stop at my favorite parks.  Growing up in Montclair, I spent so much time in Brookdale Park and Yantacaw Brook Park.  I remember climbing trees, walking through the Rose Gardens and feeding the ducks in the pond.  It was fun bringing my husband and son on our little adventure to the parks. 
After the park we headed to Church Street and stopped at Java Love for a dairy free cappuccino, which tasted delicous.  
They had a gluten free cookie, although it had dairy so I couldn’t try it and a raw bar. 
My friend Lauren from Naturally Lauren told me about amazing gluten free brownies from Mundo Vegan, but unfortunately they were closed; definitely next time!
After visiting my dad, we went to lunch at Plum On Park.  I’ve been seeing pictures of their food on instagram, so I couldn’t wait to try it.  Their building used to be this tiny little diner near my high school, Immaculate.   We used to sneak away from school property to get a coffee at lunch time.  They turned it into an adorable restaurant with outside seating down a little ally way.  It’s really cute.  I had the quinoa black bean burger.  It was delicous and came with cultured veggies, which I loved.  I would definitely go back and would love to try the zucchini pasta!
My gluten free bread was good and it had a nice taste to it. The black bean quiona burger was the best I’ve had.  I loved it. 
I was fortunate to grow up in Montclair and love visiting my dad. Montclair has very special memories that I cherish.
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