Monday, September 2, 2013

Gluten Free Finds in Red Bank on Labor Day

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Gluten Free Finds in Red Bank on Labor Day
Today we decided to take a ride to Red Bank and walk around to see some of the stores and eat lunch at a vegan café I had heard about called Good Karma Café.  Once we got on the parkway, we could see the traffic was beginning to build and people were definitely leaving the Jersey shore from the long weekend. 
I have wanted to go to this café for so long and was excited to try some of their awesome healthy foods.  Their menu features mostly organic, vegan, some gluten free and raw foods.  Unfortunately, they were closed for the Labor Day holiday!  We will definitely try again ...

While walking around we found an awesome place called Yum Café that has smoothies, soups and a salad bar.  I wasn't sure they were open, so we continued walking around. 

We stumbled upon an awesome organic pizza place called Earth Pizza and decided to have lunch there.  Not only do they have organic gluten free pizza, but they also offer vegan cheese.  Earth Pizza is a casual style pizzeria with a fresh organic look to it.  The staff was very friendly and it was so nice to see that they knew exactly what gluten and dairy free was.
It can be really difficult to find a place where the food tastes good and is gluten free and dairy free, especially pizza.  I have to say that I really liked this pizza.  It was a nice thin crust and the sauce had a sweet, tangy taste to it.  I ordered the veggie pizza with the vegan cheese and a little extra sauce on the side.   They also had a delicious sweet balsamic vinaigrette that was gluten and dairy free, again, not always easy to find.  Balsamic vinaigrettes can be difficult to order because a lot of restaurants put Parmesan cheese in them.  They also offer several gluten free desserts, as well as a gluten free, dairy free brownie. 

I decided not to get the dessert there because across the street was a gluten free bakery, so I figured I would check it out.  The Posh Pop Bakery features gluten free cupcakes, cake pops, brownies, cookies and more.  They also have several dairy free options, but I was disappointed that they did not have any dairy free cake pops left.  They are also located inside a candy shop and so we were a little confused when we first walked in.  I ordered a couple cupcakes and cookies. 

I have to say that I loved these cupcakes and cookies.  They taste amazing and I would definitely go back and get them again... 
Since we were up that way we decided to stop by Trader Joes and pick up a few things.  Some of their prices compared to my local health food store are so much cheaper, but I just don't get up that way too often.  I definitely need to make more trips up there because the prices are definitely worth it!  I can't wait to start working on some new kale chip recipes...


  1. Red bank is awesome! I grew up a town over and my parents still live there. Hope you get to check out good karma soon!

  2. Me too... Good Karma looks awesome! I would love to move to Red Bank...