Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I attended the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo this past weekend in New Jersey and had a chance to taste some of the products from Way Better Snacks.  I have to say that I love all of their chips.  I have had the Sweet Potato Chips before and I do love them, but I had a chance to try their name seasonal chips and they were delicious.  I tried the new Punkin Cranberry Chips .. they had such a nice flavor to them, but I wish they had sample bags of those to take home too.  I will definitely be looking for these next time I'm our shopping.  

These chips definitely live up to their name.  They are made Way Better then the conventional chips.  Not only do they taste amazing, but they use clean plant based ingredients including sprouted chia, sprouted quinoa, sprouted brown rice and stone ground non-GMO corn.  Look for their new fall flavors to show up in stores soon.

What is your favorite chip or product that you tried?  I would love to hear about in the comments!

Here's a video sampling the Sweet Potato Chips!

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