Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Clean Detox Program Day 2

So I made it to day 2 of the Clean Program.  I have to say I am feeling pretty good already!  I have been eating healthy for so long that this program is very close to how I normally eat.  I do occasionally eat peanut butter, soy, eggs and corn and eliminating them has been a little challenging.

For breakfast I made a shake, which I have to say I prefer eating fresh fruit, but I want to stick to his plan as close as I can.

This mornings shake was berries, almond milk, brown rice protein powder and spinach... very tasty!

I really needed a snack today, so I chose some fresh veggies with hummus... it definitely hit the spot!

I am drinking 1 cup of coffee a day, although you are supposed to eliminate it completely, I opted to keep 1 cup of coffee in each day... and steamed some hemp milk and topped with cinnamon ... yum!  

Lunch was a salad mixture of greens and small piece of poached chicken with my favorite new dressing that consists of 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of stone ground mustard, 2 teaspoons of water and half a lemon squeezed in...  I have to say this dressing is just soooooo good... I think you could change it up and instead of lemon try squeezing in oranges, rasberries or a dash of pomergranite juice...

Dinner is detox lentil soup...

I am also having a snack which is an apple with 1 teaspoon of raw almond butter...

Today was definitely a great day!  I had plenty of energy and was able to get all of my orders done and even had time to play with my dog in the yard.  I have been trying to teach her to fetch, but she will only retrieve the item when I throw... she will not bring it back to me!  For some reason, this is a foreign concept to my dog!  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Clean Detox Program

Day 1 of the Clean Detox Program ...

Today I decided to start the clean detox program after seeing Dr. Junger on Dr. Oz...  He put a free copy of his program on Dr. Oz's website and so I decided to read through it and give it a try   I had seen him a few years back on Martha Stewart and was intrigued by his program and have heard Gwynth Paltrow raving about him.   His program is available on Dr. Oz's website.

What I like about his program is that he includes real food, and not just shakes.  I also like that he has a large variety of food as well, which keeps it from getting boring, however, I am a little confused as to why he does not allow strawberries and bananas on his progam.  That is one I cannot figure out, but it's only temporary. 

Although I have already lost over 90 lbs. on my own, I am finding it incredibly difficult to lose the last 15-20 lbs. and was hoping that this program can help me jump start my metabolism again.  I have suffered from a skin disease and stomach issues most of my life and have been told I have lupus 2 times, however, my blood results continually say that I don't.   I decided to remove gluten and dairy 2 years ago, and have totally transformed my life.  I still continue to have some issues and feel like maybe there is still something in my diet that is causing me some difficulties.  I like the idea of elminating many of the foods that can irritate the skin and cause digestive issues, so I can see if there is another food that is still causing me some problems.

Day 1 was pretty easy... and I feel like I did eat a lot of food.   You eliminate all gluten, dairy, corn, eggs, peanuts, tomatoes, night shades (peppers, eggplant) coffee and sugar.   I was not able to elminate coffee completely, so I did have a cup of coffee... but since I normally drink 3 cups, I think I can live with 1 cup.  Here is how my day went:


Smoothie...  Hemp Milk, Brown Rice Protein Powder, Berries.

I have to say that this smoothie was just ok.  I am not used to this brand of brown rice protein powder, so I may have to adjust the amount I use next time.  A few extra berries also would have made a huge difference too... 


Large mixed greens salad with small piece of poached chicken. 

For dressing I mixed coconut oil with lemon, apple cider vinegar, stone ground mustard.

This salad with unbelievable.  I loved it and although I do not like to eat a lot of meat, he does include meat in his program.  I decided to add it in for now.  I just made up the dressing, and I thought it was really tasty!

Snack:  Smoothie with pineaple, 1 tablespoon of brown rice protein powder and almond milk
(not pictured)


2 cups of Lentil Detox Soup
1 onion
2 carrots
2 or 3 celery stalks
1 cup red lentils
1 or 2 tablespoon red miso paste
3 cups organic veggie broth
1 tablespoon crushed garlic
spices to taste: oregano - mustard powder - garlic & onion powder - sea salt - curry - tumeric - cumin
1 or 2 tablespoons lemon

Today went really well and I can't wait to get started on day 2...