Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tea Time Tuesdays With Carrie ...

It's tea time! 

Come and hang out with me ... 

This is my new weekly Tea Time Tuesdays series ... today it's about tea, cookies and portion control.

I started the day with a wonderful breakfast with my friend at The Turning Point Restaurant.  It's such a pretty place and my favorite is their no yolks about it omelette with no cheese or muffin.  It comes with salsa and a fruit cup ... I forgot to take a picture, but took a picture of my tea. I had a delicious Chamomile Tea ...  

I love the adorable tea pot you get with your tea. 

After breakfast we shopped at Christmas Tree Shops where I found this adorable small tea pot, sugar and creamer set.

Then it was back home to making Christmas Cards and labels for my online store, Carries Kiddie Closet.  I made a few of my 3 ingredients truffles for a snack with my tea.

I drank a delicous Mango Passionfruit tea by Stash.  The taste was very mild and I flavored it with some of my homemade cashew, hemp and chia milk with cinnamon.  

I loved it!  

Check out my video below and be sure to follow us (links below) and come back tomorrow for What I Ate Wednesday!  

We hope to have some awesome gluten free food scoops coming soon!!

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