Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gluten Free Vegan Lunch at Kaya's Kitchen in Belmar, NJ

Gluten Free Food Scoop ...

So here's the scoop ... I found an awesome gluten free, vegan restaurant in Belmar.

I picked up my favorite shopping buddy Hiedi and we were off to do some shopping, but first up, Starbucks, of course.  We had to take a quick selfie ... then it was off to Williams Sonoma in Sea Girt.  I love this store.  I didn't buy anything, but I definitely had fun looking.  I was going to buy Cup 4 Cup Gluten Free flour that Alexis from Gluten Free in Orlando talks about all the time in her blog, but I didn't see the dairy free version, maybe next time.  

After shopping at a bunch of stores, we were hungry and decided to take a ride into Belmar.  
We went to Kaya's Kitchen on Main Street and I have been wanting to try this place for awhile, so it was so much fun to finally be able to take the time and enjoy a fabulous gluten free and dairy free meal.  We had a hard time find them because they are not actually on Main Street, but they are on 10th Avenue next to a restaurant called Matisse.

What a cute place and I loved the design on the wall.  The staff was so friendly and very helpful

There is a large menu with a lot of gluten free items.  Everything is vegan.  


We ordered several items so we could take some home with us.  

First up, Vegan, gluten free French Onion Soup.  This tasted amazing.  It tasted so much like what I remembered.  The gluten free bread tasted really good too.  I loved this dish.

Heidi had the chili which she said was delicous!

Next up, mac and cheese and veggie stacks.  Heidi got a BLT which was not gluten free, but she said it was very good!  


The macaroni and cheese was very good.  It did not taste at all like what I remembered, but I still liked it.  I felt like it needed steamed veggies mixed in with it or as a side dish.  That's why I had ordered the veggie stacks, but the taste of both didn't really go together.  Now the veggie stacks were absolutely delicous!  I would definitely get these items again, just not together.  I have a lot of left overs ...  

Unfortunately. I was not able to try Hiedi's dish because it had gluten, but she said that she loved it.  She had never eaten vegan bacon before and was amazed that it was not actually bacon.  

I love this place and can't wait to try it for dinner.  The food tastes fresh and the place is really clean and nicely decorated.  The staff is super friendly and very helpful.  The food is plated really nice and they have a of organic ingredients.  The menu selection is quite large, as is the gluten free section.  I love that they indicate gf on the menu for gluten free which makes ordering for this Gluten Free Jersey Girl super easy.  They do offer gluten free deserts which we didn't try, but maybe next time.   They have Papa Ganache cupcakes which are my favorite vegan gluten free cupcakes and is absolutely the best gluten free bakery in New Jersey.

We had a fun day and then drove around Belmar, Spring Lake and Manasquan looking for the next place to get the gluten free scoop!

We saw these adorable little guys sitting so peacefully in a car .. they were so cute that I had to take their picture!

Be sure to follow us for daily updates and for more gluten free food scoops!!  

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