Friday, January 2, 2015

30 Day Be Thankful Challenge ... Day 2

So it's day 2 of our Be Thankful Challenge.  Today, I am most thankful for having a home to live in filled with warmth and love.  I am so excited to see what wonderful things the New Year has in store for us!!

One of the reasons I wanted to do a thankful challenge is because I find that so many of us focus on what is wrong in our lives and forget to notice all the great things all around us.  What we focus on becomes bigger, so if we focus on all of our problems, they become even bigger and before you know it, your world is surrounded by all of your problems, and your Blessings seem so small.  

For the next 30 days you are writing down something you are thankful for every day.  Now I want you to spend time looking around you during the day and find something that's good about your day.  If someone smiles at you, I want you to take a moment and say thank you for that smile.  If someone opens a door or you see a pretty flower, take notice of it.  Before you go to bed, take a few minutes to remember what you are thankful for and what good things that you noticed during the day.   You want to start changing your thought process to a more positive outlook.  It's retraining yourself to focus on positive things, rather than negative.  The more you practice this, the easier it becomes.  

Here's a video we made of our fun New Years ...  

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