Thursday, September 18, 2014

21 Days of Raw

If you're like me, you get tired of trying to plan your meals and run out of ideas.  
Here is a wonderful eBook that can help!  

21 Days of Raw is an ebook compiled of menus from a bunch of raw chefs. Kate Magic, Kristen Suzanne, Joanna Steven, Karen Ranzi, Jennifer Cornbleet, Jennifer M.S. Robertson, Robyn Law are just a few of the names. 

21 Days of Raw Vegan Menu Planners – A Collection of Full Raw Food Menus with Recipes Designed to Give You the Glow – was created just for you, the busy bee who is juggling many responsibilities and doesn't need food to be an added source of stress!

This eBook contains 3 full weeks of delicious, nutritious menu plans with complete recipes. It was designed to give you plenty of ideas and inspiration so you never have to wander in your kitchen, opening the fridge a dozen times, waiting for a recipe to manifest itself.
To learn more about this eBook or living a high raw food life, please visit or

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