Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gluten Free Send Me Subscription Box

Opening the Send Me Gluten Free Box!

The Send Me Gluten Free Company sent me a box to review of some nice gluten free goodies.  I was excited to receive it and have always wanted to try a subscription box.  I had fun going through it and seeing all the products.  Some I had seen before, but some I had not.  The best part of going through the box is finding some items you have never tried before.  It gives you a chance to try it and see if you like it.

The first item in the box was the black bean pasta.  When first becomming gluten free, pasta was the hardest.  I had a hard time getting used to gluten free pasta, but I have to say, after 3 years I now love it.   I can't wait to try this new pasta and hope to post a recipe soon!

Next up was some Teechia cereal which looks amazing!  They also included a coffee substitute.  It's perfect for trying to eliminate coffee or reduce the amount of coffee you are drinking.  Simply brew your tea bag and that's it.  It's that simple.

Also included was Raw Revolution's snack bar.  
It's raw and packed full of healthy ingredients, organic and delicious!  

Also included were Juice+ vitamin chews, Surf Sweets candy and a sample of Red Apple Lipstick.

Also included were Big Red Tea Bag, cake mix and a sample of a soy sauce packet. 

I really enjoyed the Big Red tea and am looking forward to writing reviews on all the other products we received in the future.  

I would definitely order this box and I think it would make a really nice gift for someone who is recently gluten free or even as a birthday gift.  The fun part is opening the box because you get excited to see what's in it.  I am looking forward to trying new products and seeing what recipes I can come up with.  Be sure to check out the Send Me Gluten Free Company by clicking HERE...

Here is a video I made opening the box and a fun video my son and I made. 

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