Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Gluten Free Find at Target

I was excited to see a new product that I have never seen before today while shopping at Target.  They may have been there, but I have never noticed them before.  I don't eat these, but I was thinking this would be awesome for any mom's out there who's child loves chicken nuggets. 

My son loves chicken nuggets and when he was tested for celiac disease last year, my biggest fear was how do I tell me son he can longer eat his favorite food.  Luckily, he tested negative.  It's hard enough for adults to give up their favorite foods, but for children it can be very upsetting.  I applaud Tyson for coming up with a product to help ease some of the difficulties with it.  Hopefully, they can come up with a gluten free dinosaur chicken nugget. 
I also saw a gluten free, dairy free burrito by Amy's at Target. 
It's wonderful to see Target adding more products because I have had a hard time finding a lot of gluten free items there.  Hopefully, we will see a lot more in the future.   
I would love to know what new items you are finding that are gluten free... please share them ...

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