Monday, August 29, 2016

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Gluten Free Via Roma, Toms River

Yesterday we celebrated our 16th Wedding Anniversary.  My husband and son are not gluten free, so it can be difficult to find places where we all like to eat.  There is a restaurant in Toms River, NJ called Via Roma, which is about 20 minutes from our home.  They not only have an extensive gluten free menu, but they also have a vegan menu as well.  They can easily accommodate anyone in your party.  It has a pleasant atmosphere and you can bring your own liquor. The front is a pizzeria and the back is a small sit down restaurant.


We have been to this restaurant several times and they are very accommodating.  I was able to get a salad with a balsamic Vinaigrette and even got a gluten free bun with Earth Balance dairy free butter.  That is definitely a nice touch!  
The eggplant can be have quite a bit olive oil, so I always ask them to go light on the oil.  I can order this vegan and dairy free because they use daiya as the cheese.  This is a very rich and filling meal and also comes with gluten free pasta, so there is definitely some to take home.  
My husband had chicken Parmesan and he enjoyed his meal too!  
We had a fun evening and can’t wait to do it again next year.  We do not get here often, so it was a nice treat.
We managed to get a quick selfie before the night was over and as always, I loved spending time with my 2 favorite boys!

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