Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Help From A Friend

At first, it was very hard to accept that I could never have a Funny Bone again! I could never have my favorite eggplant parmigian, lasagna, cake and cookies and so many foods that this Italian girl absolutely loves! I soon came to realize that there are many wonderful replacements for these foods. Before I realized I was gluten intolerant, my friend Hiedi kept telling me that I should consider removing gluten from my diet. Her sister in law has celiac disease and many of my symptoms made her think I may have some problems with gluten, as Hiedi also had herself. So when I finally had to change my diet, Hiedi was a huge help in telling me what products to buy, where to get information and a huge support in handling all the up and down emotions of changing to a new way of living. I cannot thank her enough for all her advise, and kind words in helping me find my way...

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